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Intellenet Protective Services (IPS) is a new initiative and revenue stream that includes executive protection and other protective services requested by the client. Intellenet members are strategically positioned around the globe to immediately respond to a client’s request for assistance. The program will be managed by a core team of Intellenet members who will provide case management for each request. Once a request is received and details are understood, the case manager will make contact with the investigator closest to the location of the request. Protective service requests can include: executive protection, security for board meetings, hostile terminations, escorts, transport of high value cargo, and protective services for high profile gatherings, etc.


Intellenet members with specialty skills in protecting people offer worldwide coverage and comprehensive language skills to ensure our clients receive the personalized service they deserve. The vast majority of our people have law enforcement, intelligence or military backgrounds, and many years of experience in the private sector. They are well traveled professionals who understand the cultural and legal differences one encounters internationally and can interact effectively with persons of any background. They are adept at listening to client needs, offering advice when needed, and are skilled at designing a protection protocol which exceeds client expectations.

Committee Members

  • Rick Carpenter
  • Jim Carino
  • Don Hubbard
  • Eric De Van
  • Nathan Goode
  • J Damien Scott


The world and the threats to businesses and people are ever changing. To ensure that the best of the best is ready to handle the diverse demands, training specific to clients’ needs, as well as qualifying and continuing education training, are a prerequisite for all of our IPS personnel. IPS will ensure that each member has all the information and training necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations. Virtual, and when possible, in-person trainings, and reviews, are comprised to provide uniform protection services in every part of the world.

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