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Required Recommendation

Membership requires recommendation by an Intellenet Member. Potential candidates must have a minimum of 10 years experience and meet all state/country licensing and business requirements, among other qualifications. Please review INTELLENET By-Laws and the INTELLENET Membership Criteria and Selection details below for more information.

Intellenet Membership Criteria and Selection Membership in Intellenet is not a right and is by invitation only based on a selection criteria structured to ensure the professionalism and ethical conduct of the membership. Secondarily it is designed to maximize the specialized expertise of the membership while ensuring that any one professional expertise or geographical area is not over saturated with members. This is designed to ensure an equitable distribution of work for each member. Total Intellenet membership is limited in number.

Membership Criteria

  1. Each prospective member must have a minimum of ten years of verifiable experience in investigative or security activities with emphasis on increased responsibility over the member’s years of experience.
  2. Each prospective member must be personally recommended by a member of Intellenet in good standing who must attest to the personal and professional experience, conduct, and reputation of the proposed member.
  3. The prospective member must complete an application that documents the prospective member’s professional employment and experience and must provide three character references who have known the prospective members for a minimum of five years and can attest to the prospective member’s personal and professional qualification.
  4. All prospective members must be currently licensed in those jurisdictions where licensing is required. Failure to maintain current licensing will result in immediate termination of Intellenet membership.
  5. All prospective members must agree to abide by the Intellenet Code of Ethical Standards and Conduct and the Intellenet By-Laws.

Selection Process

Upon receipt of the completed application and a $25.00 fee to cover administrative costs, the application will be processed to determine the applicant’s qualifications and their relevance to the needs of Intellenet. Verification of the prospective application will be conducted by a designated member of Intellenet appointed by the Intellenet Executive Director.

  1. The scope of the background check will include record checks as appropriate. Conviction of any felony or major misdemeanor offenses will be disqualifying.
  2. In those jurisdictions where licensing is not required, criminal records checks will be conducted.
  3. Interviews of the applicant’s references will be conducted. Additional reference interviews may be conducted at the sole discretion of Intellenet.
  4. Any material falsification or omission of fact will be disqualifying.
  5. Upon completion of the screening of the prospective member’s application and review of pertinent information, the application will be forwarded to the Intellenet Executive Director, other designated individual or the Membership Committee for determination of the prospective member’s qualification for membership.
  6. The prospective member’s application may be approved; disapproved for failure to meet the required minimum professional, ethical or experience requirements; or placed in abeyance to a later date due to oversaturation of members, expertise and experience in a geographical area.
  7. The decision of the adjudicating individual shall be final and not subject to appeal.

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