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Intellenet Education and Training Group:

The members of the Intellenet Education and Training Group, Speakers Bureau, are highly trained private investigation and security management professionals with many years of education and practical experience in their areas of expertise. Each speaker has made training and educational presentations to numerous professional associations and corporate entities. Additionally, many of the speakers are court qualified expert witnesses.

Whether you need one or several speakers for your conference or program, the seasoned professionals on this Speaker Bureau list can help. The speakers are listed by name, location, and subject matter. In support of these speakers, Intellenet can assist in developing a conference or seminar, simply email Intellenet@intellenet.org for collaboration assistance.

Each presenter on the list is an independent consultant with whom you should contact and negotiate the specifics of his/her unique presentation. With that being said, the education and training programs are the exclusive property of the author and may not be copied in any format without the prior written authorization of the author.

If a preferred subject matter does not appear in the list, please contact Intellenet for the development of a presentation to meet your needs.

While Intellenet makes the list of these highly trained professionals available to you, each presenter listed is an independent consultant to negotiate the specifics of all presentation opportunities.

Check out the Speakers Bureau Calendar of Events to see where and when our speakers will be presenting in the coming months.

Speaker Spotlight

John Gervino
Reston, Virginia
P: (703) 215-7139
E: john@truthintelligence.com

John Gervino is a retired Special Agent for the United States Government with over 24 years of experience working with United States Special Operations Command, law enforcement and intelligence agencies in executing joint task force objectives. Truth Intelligence Consulting has trained thousands of law enforcement and investigative professionals domestically and abroad.

Agent Gervino served as a Mobile Interrogation Team Leader and Lead Interrogator with the U.S. elite High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) 2012-2017. Agent Gervino was involved in rapidly unfolding top-secret operations the led to the apprehension and interrogation of countless foreign terrorists in highly charged environments deploying throughout the world contributing to U.S national security operations targeting international terrorism subjects in diverse environments.

Upon retiring from the United States Government in 2017, John founded Truth Intelligence, a consulting and advisory firm specializing in training and providing Investigations, intelligence and due diligence services for corporations and investment firms (hedge funds, private equity firms and investment banks) based in the U.S. and Europe. Services: conducting competitive intelligence projects and insider threat detection.

The U.S. Government recognizes Gervino as a subject matter expert and certified instructor in:

Deception detection, Interrogation, Interviewing, Elicitation, Negotiation, and Cultural communication. Additionally, John is and subject matter expert in Origins of Terrorist Organizations, Radicalization process and Foreign Fighters.

Eileen Law
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
P: (610) 388-1776
E: DetLaw@aol.com

Eileen has specialized in finding Kidnapped Children, Missing Persons, and Biological Families for 39 years with a 98% success rate. However, the bulk of her work is in Criminal and Civil Investigations. She is a certified Missing Persons Expert and also performs Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM.) She is an author, having published five books: Somewhere Out There, From A Different Chair, Officer Glee, Backstory, The Girl In The Cellar ~ The Boy In The Box, and is currently writing her sixth, Crushed. She has solved several cold cases, including the oldest cold case murder in her county.

Eileen attended the Pennsylvania State University, the Philadelphia Police Academy, the Dickinson Law School’s Deputy Sheriff’s Academy, and finished first in her class at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Minor Judiciary College. She was formerly Paralegal to the District Attorney and Lieutenant with the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

She is the founder of CIA Detective Agency in Kennett Square, and is currently Chairman of the Board of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI) where she was chosen as their first female president as well as being awarded their very first “Investigator of the Year.” She is also a member of The Vidocq Society, Intellenet, Chester County FOP Lodge #11, and on the Board of Directors of the Chester County Chiefs of Police Association where she also serves as their Chaplain. She was formerly radio talk show host of Ask The Detective. She is an avid boater and a Licensed Captain with the United States Coast Guard. She is a professional singer, composer, and musician, performing in several groups, and on stage at theatres in the tri-state area, as well as for Veterans Homes and Senior Living Facilities. Eileen lives in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania with her husband, Stephen Stewart.

Cloyd Steiger
Federal Way, Washington
P: (253) 308-9773
E: shamusinvestigations@gmail.com

Cloyd is a private investigator and expert witness with Shamus Investigations and Consulting in the Seattle area.
He is the former Chief Criminal Investigator at the Washington State Attorney General’s Homicide Investigation Tracking System tracks and supports Homicide investigations in Washington State.
He retired in 2016 from the Seattle Police Department, where he’d worked since 1979. He was assigned as a Detective in 1990 and was a Homicide Detective from 1994 to 2016. Has investigated and/or assisted with investigating hundreds of homicides and officer-involved shootings during that time, including serial murders, mass murders, and acts of domestic terrorism resulting in death.
He is the author of “Homicide: The View from Inside the Yellow Tape-A True Crime Memoir” (2017) and “Seattle’s Forgotten Serial Killer: Gary Gene Grant,” (2020)
Former Director of Investigations Consulting for the American Investigative Society of Cold Cases. (AISOCC), a national non-profit that reviews and recommends steps for investigators to take across the US in cold case murder investigations.
He is a frequent guest on various true crime podcasts including Murder was the Case, The Toll, Citizen Detective, as well as the following television programs:
• 48 Hours, (CBS) 2012 “Cold as Ice.”
• Dead of Night, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: Misfortune Teller
• Footsteps in the Snow (Nancy Glass Productions-Lifetime Movie Network-2014)
• Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen, Episode: Senseless in Seattle, (Investigation Discovery Network, ITN Productions-September 2015)
• Real Detective, (Investigation Discovery Network) Episode: “Vengeance” WAM Productions, February 2016
• American Detective with Joe Kenda, (Investigation Discovery Network), Episode: Murder, Murder, Murder) Jan. 2021
• Mastermind of Murder (Nancy Glass Productions, Oxygen Television Network) A Deadly Con, 2021.
• The Lady in the Lake, (Documentary-2020)

Instructor of:
Interview and Interrogation for new detectives as well as an in-service trainer for experienced detectives.
He teaches Homicide Investigation at conferences nationally and internationally.

Marc Bourne
Bensalem, Pennsylvania
P: (215) 669-5160
E: marc@marcbourne.com

Marc Bourne, a 25-year veteran of the background screening industry, is a nationally recognized Private Investigator. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in FCRA compliance, background checks and employment screening, Marc is an established Subject Matter Expert in the field. His expertise has been featured in national appearances on ABC News, Fusion, Fox and other TV, print and web media outlets around the country. He holds an FCRA Advanced Certification. Marc’s journey began as a public records researcher, delving into docket books on behalf of some of the biggest background screening companies. He successfully built and managed a national investigation and background screening firm, which ultimately attracted the attention of industry leaders, leading to its acquisition after an impressive 19-year run. Marc is a sought-after consultant for background screening and investigative firms.

He is a founding member of the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) and is chair-elect of the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), the governing body for the Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program. Marc is also chair of the Public Affairs and Information team of the Vidocq Society, a members only organization that provides pro bono assistance to the law enforcement community in solving cold cases. He also serves on the board of the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators (PALI) as a Director at Large. He is also a member of Intellenet, a worldwide network of investigators and security consultants specializing in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, and private security.

Currently, Marc is the Vice President of Background Services for WorkforceQA, providing workplace compliance solutions such as Background Screening, Drug & Alcohol Testing, Online Training and Employee File Management to corporations across the US. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for positive change, Marc continues to elevate background screening with strategic insights and a track record of achievements.

Dennis L. Eberly
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
P: (717) 869-9210
E: OnTargetPIandConsultant@comcast.net

Dennis L. Eberly is a licensed private investigator and the owner of On Target Investigation & Consulting, LLC since 2016. He also engages in security consulting services, to include Armed Active Assailant preparation and response.

Eberly served five years in the United States Air Force Security Police. In addition to his regular duties, he was a member and team leader of TNT (Tactical Neutralization Team), which later was named EST (Emergency Services Team). This is the Air Force version of the civilian police SWAT/SERT.

Next, Eberly served 33 years with the East Hempfield Township Police (Lancaster Co., PA). He was a patrol officer, criminal investigator, patrol supervisor (Sgt.), Staff Services Supervisor (Lt.), and Operations Supervisor (Lt.). He retired as a Lieutenant in 2014. His additional special assignments included: Lancaster Co. SERT Negotiator Supervisor and EHTPD Active Shooter Instructor. He also served as an MPOETC-certified In-Service Instructor for 17 years and Academy Instructor for 8 years.

Eberly was certified by NTOA as an Active Shooter Instructor in 2001. From 2001 to 2004, he was a member of an instructor cadre for Harrisburg Area Community College’s Practical Response Course for Active Shooters, which provided scenario-based instruction to police across various areas of Pennsylvania. In 2013, Eberly was certified as an ALICE instructor. In 2023, he was certified as a CRASE Instructor (ALERRT Center). He has instructed civilians from numerous organizations in response procedures to Active Shooters.

In Spring 2003, he published an article in the NTOA Journal, The Tactical Edge, entitled, “CATT: Teaching the Critical Elements of Rapid Deployment.” He is currently serving on the ASIS International School Security Standard Technical Committee.

Christopher Salgado
Tampa, Florida
P: (408) 365-4144
E: csalgado@allpointsinv.com

A former investigator at Facebook, Christopher Salgado is a highly accomplished and trusted security and investigations leader with more than 20 years in cyber and physical investigations. Throughout his career, he has effectively assisted several Fortune-based corporations, including a Fortune 20 company, through innovative and efficient processes for investigations, security, brand protection, threat management, business continuity, intelligence, operations, recruiting, customer service, employee morale and leadership. Affected industries include social media, pharmaceutical, consumables, automotive, electronics, streaming services, entertainment, insurance, law firms and other investigative firms.

From 2016 through 2019, Salgado was instrumental in the buildout of Facebook’s global investigations division, which coincided with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the investigation into the Russian infringement of the 2016 US presidential election. Salgado also assisted in standing up Facebook’s global, 24/7/365 Investigations Center.

Salgado has presented on various topics across the globe to Fortune-listed companies, the FBI, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection, ICE, DEA, TSA, ASIS (Hong Kong Chapter), members of Interpol and Europol as well as members of the EU Commission. He was a keynote speaker at CrimeCon 2022 where he spoke on romance scams.

Salgado is Founder of AGGOSO™ (AGGressive Open Source intelligence Operations) Training, a comprehensive OSINT training program for investigators, corporations, law firms, journalists and those desiring to upskill their OSINT/cyber investigative skillset.

Currently, Salgado is CEO of All Points Investigations, LLC; a cyber and social media investigations author at PI Magazine and a member of the London Speaker Bureau.

Remi Kalacyan
Montreal, Quebec CANADA
P: (514) 238-8847
E: remi@spyvip.com

Remi Kalacyan has over thirty years of experience as a private investigator, a career he began in a law firm as an in-house detective working criminal defense cases. He came to realize that there was a big demand for surveillance. This brought him to start his own investigation agency in 1994.

VIP Investigations became a renowned private investigation agency in Canada, being awarded the prestigious Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence on a yearly basis since 2007. The agency specializes in Bug Sweeps-TSCM, Surveillance and Domestic Investigations.

Kalacyan is a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator (CCDI), Board Accredited Investigator (BAI), and a Licensed Investigator by the Bureau de la sécurité privée du Québec (Québec Private Security Bureau). He is also a member of the Association Professionelle des Enquêteurs Privés du Québec (Private Investigators Professional Association of Québec).

Daniel J. Loper
Lee, New Hamsphire
P: (617) 913-1564
E: dloper@granitediscovery.com

Daniel J. Loper, EnCe,GASF, CCME, CASA, CVST, CVSE, CEO & Chief Forensic Expert is a certified computer, cellphone, and vehicle infotainment system forensics examiner and licensed private detective with over 25 years’ experience working in the Information Technology field. He started his career in the computer technology and software sector in 1997. After receiving a Master of Science in Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University in 2006 he began to transition himself fulltime to the eDiscovery and Digital Forensic space. As CEO of Granite Discovery, Daniel’s experience in eDiscovery has ranged from consulting F100 companies to providing digital forensics to attorneys on both criminal and civil matters at the state and federal level. His wide-ranging skillset endows Granite Discovery with the ability to offer clients the most efficient and effective solutions for identifying, collecting, and analyzing digital evidence.

His work includes working on domestic, homicide, fraud, and child exploitation cases. Daniel’s specialized knowledge of computer systems and software enables him to have a thorough understanding of how users create and use data to include how software is designed and operates. As an expert forensic examiner working with both computer/cellphone forensics and cell record/tower analysis, he has provided clients the information to support or challenge the validity of evidence. His expertise has been instrumental in recovering data from inoperable devices and further identifying data that was never identified in prior examinations, which resulted in positive outcomes for his clients.

As an experienced certified forensic examiner and private investigator, Daniel Loper maintains the following certification: Guidance EnCE®, Global Advanced Smartphone Forensics (GASF), Oxygen Forensics, Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME) & Cellebrite Advanced Smartphone Analysis (CASA), and Berla iVe Certified Vehicle System Forensic Examiner (CVSE), and Project Management Certificate from George Washington University.

Thomas Lancaster
Annapolis, Maryland
P: (301) 440-7724
E: thomas@tklancaster.com

Thomas (Tom) Lancaster is the owner of Lancaster Investigations, LLC, a Maryland investigative and intelligence analysis agency specializing in criminal defense investigations. Mr. Lancaster has more than 30 years of military and civilian investigative and forensics experience from various positions in law enforcement and the intelligence community.

Mr. Lancaster is a recognized counterintelligence subject matter expert who regularly trains law enforcement, military intelligence, private industry and attorneys in the areas of investigative and analytical processes, intelligence collection, counterintelligence operations, and vulnerability assessments. He is also an adjunct criminal justice instructor at the College of Southern Maryland.

Kitty Hailey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
P: (215) 574-8127
E: kitty@kittyhailey.com

Kitty Hailey is an investigator with many years of experience. She has authored numerous books for the profession including The Code of Professional Conduct: Standards and Ethics for the Investigative Profession now in its 4th Edition (2022). She has half a century worth of experience in all phases of investigation but now concentrates on civil rights, wrongful convictions and capital habeas investigations. Kitty has presented to more than 20 state and national associations and provided guidance in matters of ethics to new and experienced investigators alike. She is the recipient of multiple editor/publisher awards, the New Jersey Investigator of the Year Award, The Buddy Bombet Lifetime Achievement Award, PI Magazines Best Investigators of 2022, NJLPIA’s Meritorious Service Award 2022 and was just named one of Forbes Magazines 50 Women Over 50 for 2022. Her passion is to promote the professionalism of investigators everywhere and to elevate the industry as a whole.

Dyer Halpern
New York, New York
P: (914) 512-8388
E: dyer@delvelegal.com

Dyer is the former Chief of the Bronx, New York District Attorney’s Office Tax and Organized Fraud Investigations Unit. He worked as a prosecutor for 14 years during which time he led multiple wiretap investigations, recovered millions of dollars for the City and State of New York, built bridges with numerous City, State, and Federal agencies, and became an expert on Cell-Site, GPS, Pen Registers, Warrants, and other related technical aspects of phone investigations. He has delivered training lectures on these subjects to national and local audiences alike, including the National White Collar Crime Center’s National Conference and the New York State Department of Tax and Finance.

Dyer is a skilled strategist with a deep level of understanding of high-profile cases. He is adept at forming diverse and highly functional teams prepared to address their strengths and weaknesses, and he is a technology enthusiast who is skilled at leveraging systems to significantly increase productivity and achieve successes in analysis.

William F. Blake
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
P: (303) 683-3327
E: billblake2@aol.com

William F. Blake is the President of Blake and Associates, Inc., in Highlands Ranch, CO, a suburb of Denver, specializing in private investigations and security consulting matters. He has over 65 years of experience in providing business services to private and government entities, including conducting comprehensive background investigation.

Mr. Blake was born in a small town in Vermont and graduated from Bellows Falls, VT, High School in 1954. While in high school he had an unofficial internship with the local Vermont State Police office which encouraged him to become involved with law enforcement. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Administration from Michigan State University, a Master of Science Degree in Fundamentals of Education (Adult Education) from Troy State University at Fort Rucker, AL, and additional credits in the Criminal Justice Master of Science program at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL.

He is a retired Chief Warrant Officer from the United States Army where he served as a Military Counterintelligence (CIC) Special Agent and later as a U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Special Agent. He served as a CID field agent, operations officer, unit commander, staff officer, and criminal investigation instructor.

He also has experience as a corporate security manager with responsibility for physical security, security guard force operations, and disaster recovery management in various business environments. Currently, he specializes in risk assessment, investigation and security training, and premises liability issues. He was certified by examination in 1986 as a Certified Protection Professional by ASIS International and in 1990 as a Certified Fraud Examiner by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Mr. Blake has authored numerous articles relating to investigation and security for professional publications. He has also authored or edited several books on similar topics. He has also been a lecturer on investigations and corporate security at the college level and at several professional conferences.

Reginald J. Montgomery
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
P: (201) 264-7027
E: reggie@njinvestigator.com

Reginald J. Montgomery is President of R.J. Montgomery Associates in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, specializing in corporate asset protection and criminal defense investigations with over 50 years of related experience. Reginald has an extensive expertise in the security and investigations fields. He is a certified polygraphist, protection professional, physical security professional, legal investigator, fraud examiner, security trainer, international investigator, Board Certified Professional Investigator, Personal Protection Specialist, and Board Accredited Investigator. Reggie, a Life Member has served as vice-chair for ASIS International’s Standing Investigations Council and as the chairman of the Northern New Jersey Chapter. He is a life member and past assistant national director for the National Association of Legal Investigators, a life member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and the World Association of Detectives, currently serves on the Board of Directors of Intellenet and 3rd Vice President of Florida Association of Private Investigators. He is a past Board Member and 3rd Vice President for the Council of International Investigators. Reggie also served as president of New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association from June 1996 to June 2000 and has been named to the Certification Board of The United States Association of Professional Investigators. Reggie is an adjunct professor at New Jersey City University. Reggie was named as the National Association of Investigative Specialists SPEAKER OF THE YEAR FOR 2006-2007. He has given hundreds of speeches to national and international associations on many investigative subjects ranging from product diversion and protecting intellectual property to workplace violence investigations. He is best known for his interview and polygraph workshops.

Reggie has been certified by numerous courts as an expert in virtually every aspect of criminal defense, corporate security, and investigative related matters. Reggie has appeared on dozens of network television programs as a polygraph and investigative expert. Mr. Montgomery is the Editor of (as well as contributing author, two chapters) “Corporate Investigations” and contributing author to Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations”,” Basic Private Investigations” and Advanced Private Investigations”. Reggie can be contacted at: reggie@njinvestigator.com.

Eric De Van
Columbia, South Carolina
P: (803) 447-3492
E: eric@devanassociates.com

Eric Douglas De Van has been a member of Intellenet since 1996. He has been a presenter and assisted with several of the Intellenet Conferences. Mr. De Van’s passion for learning and providing instruction gave birth to S. P. I. C. E. (School for Private Investigator Continuing Education). S. P. I. C. E. not only uses Intellenet members as presenters, speaks, and subject matter experts, but Eric De Van’s instruction includes Report Writing, PI Administration, Locating Witnesses, Accident Investigation, and Ethics. Mr. De Van provides half, whole, and two day, virtual and in-person conferences. These conferences are approved for continuing education credits in Minnesota, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Mr. Eric’s wit, energy, and presentation style is well-reviewed by attendees.

The flagship company, De Van & Associates, specializes in executive level background checks, criminal defense, liability and casualty claims, accident investigation, location witnesses and surveillance. The company’s mantra is, “We measure success by the clients we keep.” This creed has set a standard for client relations and satisfaction.

De Van & Associates’ sister company is Drone Pilot Carolina. DPC focuses on drone images and videos for reconnaissance, criminal investigations, accident investigation, search and rescue. Mr. De Van is an FAA licensed drone pilot and offers FAA Knowledge Exam test prep courses to help participants pass the aviation exam required for legal and safe flight operations. Eric De Van has started preliminary research in targeting policing using drone technology as a tool for crime prevention and enforcement.

Eric De Van has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from West Chester University and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Anderson University. Mr. De Van is published in PI Magazine as well as other newsletters in topics from Executive Protection to The Use of Drone for investigations. Eric De Van serves on the Board of Intellenet, the Intellenet Protective Services Committee, and also serves as the Speaker Bureau Chairman.

Catherine Torrez
Fort Worth, Texas
P: (817) 676-7683
E: StilettoSpy@yahoo.com

Catherine Torrez was a police officer for more than twenty years and served as a reserve police officer for the city of Grand Prairie, TX. She served as patrol officer in Everman, Texas, working in areas such as D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officer, school resources, gang intelligence, community services, and criminal investigations. As the Captain at the White Settlement ISD Police Department she worked as School Resource Officer. She wrote all the Emergency Management Plans for all weather and active shooter type of contingencies training all staff & students. She served as the Chief of Police for Cockrell Hill, Texas, four years. Torrez attended the Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas gaining her Management/Leadership certificate. She received her Police Instructor Certificate, Mental Health Officer Certificate, and Master Peace Officer Certification. Her Professional Profile can be found at http://www.catherinetorrez.com/cst-resume.pdf.

After leaving police work, Torrez worked for two years as a private investigator with Taurus Investigations. She owns Stiletto Spy and Company Investigations (www.StilettoSpyInvestigations.com). Catherine served on the Board of the TIexas Association of Licensed Investigators as Region Director, At Large Director, President Elect, President 2020-2022, and obtained the level of Texas Board Certified Investigator.

Torrez is the mother of five children and grandmother of twenty-one and great-grandmother of 2. She is a long time member of her church board and previous member of the School Board of the private school her children attended. She is the author of Tragedy to Triumph: Discover the Secret of Gaining Victory over Abuse (www.TragedyToTriumphBook.com) and newly released book Unburied Treasure: A Guide To Leaving Your Legacy. She is a public speaker and educator on many police/safety subjects and Christian faith topics listed at www.CatherineTorrez.com. She’s a regular contributor to Fox News Radio Affiliates and television programs in the U.S. on Police and Security topics.

Robert Rappaport
Carpinteria, California
P: (310) 806-8057
E: robert@rappaportconsulting.com

Robert Rappaport is an expert witness in fire origin and cause investigations. He has over 30 years of experience in the fire service, 23 years as a Fire Investigator, and has investigated more than 2,500 fires.

Chief Rappaport was a Task Force Officer with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and is currently a California State Fire Marshal instructor for beginning and advanced arson courses. Moreover, he is a Certified Fire Investigator (CFI) through the International Association of Arson Investigators, California Conference of Arson Investigators, and the National Association of Fire Investigators.

He is also experienced in the insurance investigation field working as a Fire Investigator. Chief Rappaport often works for various fire agencies, as well as attorneys as a consultant on complex fire/arson cases. He has testified numerous times in both criminal and civil courts as an expert witness.

Michele Stuart
Gilbert, Arizona
P: 480-988-2580
E: Michele@jaginvestigations.com

Ms. Stuart has over thirty years of investigative experience with twenty-five years operating her own company. Ms. Stuart’s area of expertise includes OSINT, counterintelligence, insurance fraud investigations, financial investigations, threat assessments, due diligence, organized retail crime, corporate and competitive intelligence.

Ms. Stuart consults and trains federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, the military intelligence communities, fortune 500 companies as well as the financial and insurance industries in open source, social media, and threat assessments / mitigation. She has been an Instructor at Quantico (FBI Academy) for international training in the area of OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence).

In 2017, Ms. Stuart partnered with Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security creating a program “Keeping Kids Safe”, training administrators, principals, teachers, SRO’s, and parents on the dangers of online and social media activity, predator grooming as well as the dangers of applications / cellular security.

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